In solidarity with and in support of the Chiefland Astronomy Group, the CSPG observing field will only be open to those who have registered for the Chiefland Star Party (November 8-14, 2015) being held on the Billy Dodd Memorial Field.  As fellow astronomers (specifically Chiefland astronomers), I feel it is important and appropriate that we do all that we can to continue to promote the hobby of astronomy in Chiefland for many years to come.  Registration and support are not a very big price to pay to support our sister club.  Register at:
Their Star Party management team has been in close contact with me & we have made an agreement for them to allow campers to set up on the CSPG field without people owing additional camping fees to us to stay on it. (To clarify, all monies will be charged by and owed to Chiefland Astronomy Group)  I encourage all CSPG members to show support for, register for, have fun at and support vendors & speakers at the upcoming 2015 Chiefland Star Party. 

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation and support.  Please feel free to stop in and say hello.

We at CSPG want to wish the Chiefland Astronomy Group every success with the Chiefland Star Party, as we know it will be awesome.

John Novak

Our observing field in Chiefland boasts a wonderful array of amenities. First and foremost, it is dark. The private 20+ acre field is completely wired for power, having over 40 RV hookups and 2 dump stations, showers, a large, 1,800 sqft, air-conditioned clubhouse, restrooms, on field Wi-Fi, a picnic area, and much more.  The ground is relatively flat providing easy setup of equipment, tents, and RVs. On top of that, it has the distinction of being virtually insect free. That's right, you may be "bugged" by a few mosquitoes in season, but not much else can be found the rest of the year. Fall nights are generally cool to cold and clear with daytime highs typically in the 70's. Summers on the other hand are full of hot, 90 degree days and warm, comfortable nights. And yes, there is the occasional thunderstorm, so come prepared!.

We welcome you to pay us a visit at your earliest convenience.  We ask that all that visit join as members for a $30 annual fee to help with the costs of updating and maintaining the facilities. We believe we have an unparalled site for amatuer astronomers.  The Chiefland Astronomy Village, CSPG Star Parties, and several private observatories have been featured in Sky & Telescope Magazine, Astronomy Magazine, and Amateur Astronomy Magazine.

All Access

One of the great things about CSPG, is the company and equipment you keep.  On a typical new moon weekend, you will find over fifty friendly astronomers from beginner to expert, observers to imagers.  Additionally there are a number or resident and permanent installations around the field that typically are available for your viewing pleasure.

Check out John Novak's Observatory in the latest issue of Amateur Astronomy #63